5 Facebook Bots To Support Your Health


HealthTap — A Doctor Bot

HealthTap is a larger health company that decided to democratize their wealth of health information by creating a chatbot.

You can ask all your burning medical questions here and get resources from HealthTap’s large database, as well as personalized responses from doctors! No more waiting rooms, the chatbot will see you now.

Atlas — A Fitness Bot

Atlas knows how hard it can be to keep up with a regular workout routine when your days are getting swamped.
Maybe not for pro-athletes but definitely for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds, Atlas is free and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to keep you engaged with your workouts. This bot is currently in beta and sends personalized workout reminders on a schedule you provide along with motivational quotes (#justdoit). Very promising concept inside a bot and the Atlas makers plan to expand into workout plans and fitness tips very soon! Stay tuned.

Woebot — A Mood Bot

Woebot is a mood tracking bot with personality and a conversation designed that feels like talking to a bot therapist.
Backed by scientific research, Woebot can help reduce depression, share CBT resources, and learns from your conversations over time. The Woebot makers offer scalable pricing for individuals and the first 14 sessions are totally free.

Forksy — A Nutrition Bot

Forksy keeps track of your meals so you don’t have to. Whether you had three slices of pizza or a bagel with a little too much cream cheese, Forksy knows the dirty secrets of your diet. If you’re trying to be more health conscious, Forksy is a great option. The NLP capabilities are great and it feels as if you can just type in any food combination and get an instant result.

Izzy — A Period Tracker Bot

Izzy helps women track their periods and sends reminders to take birth control pills. This chatbot has a fun personality and tries to turn a not-so-fun topic into something more friendly and manageable.
It would be great to see clever NLP for topics unrelated to menstruation but Izzy takes on a great use case to bring chatbots closer to women.

Why Chatbots & Health? — Key Takeaway

Health apps and wearable devices took the world by storm, supporting users throughout their daily activities. It seemed normal in the era of the app store to download and try a couple of new apps on a weekly basis but app downloads have been steadily decreasing over the past years.

Chatbots are booming and bot developers are finding more use cases in different health industries. Some of the bots mentioned above are not as in-depth and far-reaching as their app competitors but chatbots in general seem to be a great solution for simple activities and quick feedback.

Why? There’s no need to require a Facebook user to leave Facebook and open another application to support a simple task. Chatbots don’t require that.

Brief explainer: I’m referring to Facebook’s current challenge to retain its users on the Facebook application and not lose them to other apps such as a fitness application when a user wants to get workout suggestions.

Implementing chatbots on Facebook creates a retention ecosystem, something that Facebook’s Chinese competitor WeChat has mastered. Users don’t have to leave Facebook anymore.

With such seamless yet effective interactions, chatbots are here to make our lives easier in different ways. The list above shows us that chatbots can help us stay on top of our fitness routine, track periods, track moods, provide us with dietary feedback, connect us with doctors and a lot more.

It seems inevitable that we will see a wave of chatbots disrupting the health space (& other industries) with users finding more ways to support their daily activities within the platforms they spend most of their time on such as Facebook.

Source: chatbotsmagazine.com


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