European Data and Computational Journalism Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

The European Data and Computational Journalism Conference aims to bring together industry, practitioners and academics in the fields of journalism and news production and information, data, social and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these topics in order to advance research and practice in the broad area of Data and Computational Journalism.

Held in Dublin, Ireland, the conference will present a mix of academic talks and keynotes from industry leaders. It will be followed by a half-day ‘Introduction to Data Journalism’ workshop and the ‘Computational and Data Journalism Unconference’.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of data and computational journalism within newsrooms
  • Data driven investigations
  • Data storytelling
  • Open data for journalism, storytelling, transparency and accountability
  • Algorithms, transparency and accountability
  • Automated, robot and chatbot journalism
  • Newsroom software and tools
  • ‘Post-fact’ journalism and the impact of data
  • User experience and interactivity
  • Data and Computational Journalism education
  • Post-desktop news provision/interaction
  • Data mining news sources
  • Visualization and presentation
  • Bias, ethics, transparency and truth in Data Journalism
  • Newsroom challenges with respect to data journalism, best practices, success and failure stories

Find out more here


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