Smart key to check engine diagnostics from anywhere

Zubie is a connected car service that provides important information about your car, your driving habits, fuel economy and more, via real-time alerts and monthly reports. Easily access your vehicle location and account with the iOS/Android app on any computer or tablet. The Zubie Key is compatible with most vehicle models manufactured since 1996 and is simple to install—just plug in the Zubie Key (usually under your steering wheel dashboard).


Monitor Your Car’s Battery, Engine and System Health
Zubie can help extend the life of your vehicle with daily monitoring of your car’s engine, battery and systems. Get real-time app alerts when important parts like your battery need attention, when your check-engine light comes on, or when your car is low on fuel. Prevent getting stranded and decrease unnecessary trips to the mechanic with translated engine codes. Receive estimates for repairs and market value of your car based on factors like mileage and service activities.

Improve Your Driving Habits
With Zubie, you can improve your driving behavior while protecting your car by understanding driving habits and receiving tips. You can receive app alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and more. It’s perfect for reducing anxiety about the safety of your drivers, and to help coach teen drivers, senior drivers and anyone else.

Secure Location Sharing
Zubie lets you track both car and phone locations at all times with the included cellular connection in the Zubie Key. Receive alerts when your vehicles arrive or depart common locations like school, home or work. Create groups to share your location with friends and coworkers on a map at any time. Your Zubie data is your data. Zubie takes privacy seriously and does not share your information to third-party companies without your consent.
Save Money
Owning a car can be less expensive when you use exclusive discounts on car maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, and more, with Zubie Perks. Creating safer and smarter driving habits can also translate into increased fuel economy.

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Source: Zubie


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